Concert stage of distinguished artists

The Bratislava Chamber Festival invites prominent domestic and foreign artists to its concert stage. It focuses on two areas: the presentation of various groups as well as leading soloists. The festival is diverse in genre. The main goal is to invite to Bratislava artists from all over the world who are dedicated to solo careers as well as chamber music. In addition to a wide music-loving audience, we want to appeal mainly to young people and convince them of the beauty of classical music. The festival organizers are looking for the world’s most important artists. The aim is also to invite multinational chamber groups to the festival stage. Five concerts by artists from Japan, Spain, Israel, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia will take place this year. Artists from different countries will be performing together at the three concerts. The artistic director of the Bratislava Chamber International Music Festival is Miriam Rodriguez Brüllová, who is an internationally renowned artist.


March - September 2022